Australia Scholarships | Study in Australia

Australia Scholarships | Study in Australia

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Here we are going to share information about Australia Scholarships. Australia is beautiful Country and is a leading Country regarding Education. It is anticipated that sooner Australia would take over the UK as 2nd popular destination for education.

Each year, Australia serves as home to around 700,000 international students. Australia’s multicultural society, its high-quality education, and its career opportunities help an individual to adapt to a lifestyle that is highly compatible with the contemporary modernized world.

Moreover students are encouraged to get involved in practical knowledge and to learn about innovative entrepreneur strategies that help them to broaden their horizons and to become influential professionals.

Australia’s 6 Universities are among the 100 best Universities in the world. In addition to this, Scholarships in Australia are offered at each level including Bachelors, Masters, and doctoral degree programs.

Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships have been replaced with Research Training Program since 2017. All interested candidates have to first filter out the universities and then apply to a participating university.

This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in research and want to conduct research independently.

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Australia Awards Scholarships

Each year Australian Government announces awards at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree levels for international students. It is a fully-funded Scholarship by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Australia.

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Destination Australia

Destination Australia offers around 1000 scholarships to domestic as well as international students each year. A candidate must be enrolled in a program from the Certification IV level in a regional campus of Australia. A candidate would get up to $15,000 per year as Destination Australian award.

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Australia APEC Research Fellowship for Women (No Longer Available)

All women who have been high-achievers in their field of interest can apply to Australia APEC Research Fellowship for Women. This fellowship will enable women to get economic empowerment.

Women who have had the privileged to avail of this fellowship are now role models in the field of mathematics, technology, science, and Engineering.

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Provider scholarships

On the basis of an individual’s academic background, Australian education providers offer scholarship opportunities to international students. For further details, a candidate should contact the admission cell of the university.

Important Note:

  • International students are eligible to apply.
  • Domestic students are also eligible to apply for few scholarships.
  • Applications should be directly submitted to the provider of the scholarship.
  • A candidate must visit the official website of the scholarship provider in order to find out the eligibility criteria.

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