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Look no further if you’re looking for a new job. In Pakistan, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) offers a number of job possibilities. The Federal Public Service Commission is one of Pakistan’s top places to work. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is Pakistan’s top appointing body.

It is in charge of carrying out the appointment procedures for Pakistan’s upper judiciary, bureaucracy, and officials. The FPSC was founded to protect public servants’ rights and privileges, promote efficiency and excellence in the public sector and maintain merit as the primary criterion for appointment to or promotion in the public sector.

Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Karachi all have Federal Public Service Commission positions. Candidates interested in joining the FPSC can apply for these positions via the FPSC’s official website, www.fpsc.gov.pk.

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About FPSC Jobs

Following that, the Public Service Commission was established, which was unprecedented in British India. In any case, the FPSC Commission was established in Pakistan as a result of the Government of India Act’s game plan. Furthermore, the FPSC commission is currently in operation. As a result, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s constitution provides for this. It has also given itself self-rule in its operations under the Rules of Business and the FPSC Regulations. Similarly, the FPSC Commission has granted clear, money-related self-rule to play out its abilities independently.

The FPSC Commission consists of a Chairman and Members for the most part. As a result, the Chairman is appointed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, according to his discretion. Nonetheless, under Article of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Constitution. Similarly, the persons assigned by the President under the direction of Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Similarly, the Secretary assists the Commission by providing an association. As a result, there is a cooperation between the Commission, its Secretariat, and the Government Agencies.

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Vacancies / Positions

Inspector Inland Revenue
ENT Specialist
Research Officer
Planning Officer
Survey officer
Secondary School Teacher SST
Assistant Professor
Assistant Information Officer

Management Positions in the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC)

The Federal Public Service Commission is a federal agency that regulates the public sector. In Pakistan, FPSC occupations are the finest for people who desire to serve their country. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is an independent regulatory organization of the Pakistani government that oversees federal government recruiting and postings. These jobs come with perks including a pension, a stipend, and medical coverage, among other things. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to collaborate on some exciting projects with other talented individuals! They’re also hiring right now.

Pakistan’s Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is accepting applications for available positions. This article is for those who want to work for the federal government as a federal officer. The FPSC has announced that there will be a large number of openings, and interested applicants can apply on their website. Applicants must have an intermediate or equivalent qualification, as well as five years of experience in relevant sectors, to be considered. Before applying for this position, candidates must have passed the FSC Competitive Examination Parts 1 and 2. You must also submit your registration costs, which vary according to your category.

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TitleFederal Public Service Commission Jobs 2021
Posted On2021-11-14
Employment TypeFull Time
Hiring OrganizationFederal Public Service Commission Islamabad

Qualifications and Experience Required for FPSC Positions

The recommended instructional skills and legitimate enrollment with PEC and other organizations where the content was most likely obtained prior to the finish date for utilization accommodation. Competitor uses will not be considered if the outcome is not formally notified by the Controller of Examination by the end date. Along with the necessary records, evidence of the declaration of results should be provided. The Recruitment Rules of a position govern an up-and-qualification. Up-and-comers who guarantee that an unfamiliar or homegrown degree is equivalent to the post’s recommended instructive capabilities must provide necessary records or endorsements from the capable power at the time of lodging.

In any case, their applications will be automatically dismissed, and the Commission will not acknowledge any subsequent case based on this record. Post capacity experience is defined as experience gained in a regular full-time paid job, including experience of daily wages or unforeseen administrations, as well as on-the-job training subject to its relevance obtained after completing the fundamental or least advertised skills. The post-capability experience period begins on the date of involvement, which should ideally be after the capability is completed, and ends on the end date. The experience of being low-maintenance, wealthy, or an intern will not be remembered or deemed knowledge.

Experience from firms, banks, NGOs, and other organizations will be recognized, whether they are noteworthy broadly or universally, and will have been correctly enlisted and fused with the relevant government office or foundation for collaboration, with a reference number where applicable. Any experience that overlaps with another period of post-capability experience will also be disallowed. The Commission has sole discretion in determining which foreign or Pakistani competency is equivalent to a related Pakistani degree.

How to apply for FPSC Jobs

All general enrollment applications must be filed online through the FPSC’s website, www.fpsc.gov.pk. Candidates who do not approach the online office, however, are entitled to submit their applications on plain paper to Secretary FPSC before the deadline. As a result, precise details in light of endorsed conditions for the position requested for are provided, implying obstacles in accommodating online submissions. Such applications will be acknowledged only if the Commission approves them. The extensive approach is available on the FPSC site for online utilisation accommodation. Applicants can contact the FPSC Help Line by phone or email if they have any issues with online openness. Applicants are advised to apply online as soon as possible without waiting for the deadline.

Candidates do not need to print a copy of their online application. Applicants may only make one change to their online applications before the deadline to correct any errors, exclusions, or other issues. The information stated in the online application structure will be viewed as the most recent. However, subsequent incidents of involvement, which were previously not included in the online application form, are considered as a bit of foresight and an attempt to qualify. If the resulting cases are from a private association, they will not be accepted. Confirmation Certificates for General Recruitment Screening Written Tests will be posted on the FPSC website. As a result, contestants are encouraged to check our site on a regular basis.

In any event, no data in this format will be delivered through the mail. It will be essential for the Supervisory Staff of the FPSC to be able to present a unique CNIC, original Treasury Receipt of charge paid for the post asked for, and a downloadable duplicate of the Admission Certificate at the time of Screening or Written Test.

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