A cover letter is a document that you attach with CV while applying for the job or scholarship to provide additional information about yourself. In simple words you can say that it is the letter of introduction attached to CV or resume.  It can be the explanation of the content of the other documents. It is also known as covering letter or motivational letter.

In other words!
The cover letter attached with your resume, is the additional document that explains your qualities and skills. It answers the question that why you are the perfect one for the job you are Applying. Covering letter is the formal letter describing the documents and the reason of sending that document.

Importance of Writing a Cover Letter:

Writing a cover letter is necessary or important in a number of ways like:

  • It is the way of your introduction to the organization.
  • It can demonstrate your interest.
  • Can help your resume to grab the attention of the reader.
  • An effective cover letter can make you stand out of the crowd.
  • A well written cover letter can present your objective, vision, interest etc.

Tips to Write a Great Cover Letter:

Following are the best tips to write a perfect cover letter

  • There are several types of cover letter so it is important to choose the right type of cover letter that is according to the job you are Applying.
  • Your cover letter should be brief and simple so keep it short brief and simple, the lenght should not be more than two pages.
  • Choose the basic fonts for your cover letter. The most common fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri.
  • What you are capable of? Write clearly the skills and experiences you have in a brief way in your cover letter.
  •  Some people focuses more on the educational background which is not necessary, mention more about your skills and abilities.
  • Does not use over formality just keep your tone friendly.
  • Don’t start your cover letter with your name because the hiring manager already knows your name get directly to the right point.
  • If you are emailing your cover letter then you should mention your e-mail address.
  • It is not necessary to include your personal information, left over job and salary requirements in the cover letter.
Note it Down!
Just go beyond your resume, your cover letter should not be the other picture of your resume; this letter should be very specific about what you are ringing to the company.

Steps Write a Cover Letter:

There are four basic steps to write a cover letter

Content Information

The first thing you should add in the cover letter is your contacts information that how they can contact you if needed.

The contact information includes

  • Your mobile number
  • Your e-mail address
  • And your home address in necessary


  • First find out to which you are concern, the hiring manager. You should start in a way that “Respected Madam or Sir”.
  • The first paragraph will be started with your introduction which begins with by telling the hiring manager about the job to which you are Appling. It should be continue with the brief basic information about yourself, your education, area of the study, your vision, your goals, your capabilities etc.

Sell Yourself

In the third paragraph you have to present yourself to the company.

To sell yourself to the company you should describe the following things:

  • Describe your previous jobs experiences.
  • Your abilities.
  • Your skills.
  • Describe how you can meet their demand for that particular post.
  • Describe can you manage that job if they give you that job and push the company forward.


The final paragraph known as the call to action in which you have to conclude. Include the following things:

  • Tell the hiring manager that you would be in contact with them.
  • Also thanks them to for the time they spend on reading your letter.

Example of the Cover Letter



Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position for a field coordinator. I am very interested in this opportunity with Media Matters for Democracy and believe that my qualifications, education and professional experience would make me a strong candidate for the position.

I am a media and communication professional who worked in different national and international organizations for more than six years. My recent job was as News and Current affairs Anchor at Mashriq tv Peshawar. Beside this I am contributing to Afghanistan today and Newslense Pakistan on social issues while recently attached with radiotnn.com as an online web editor.

Enclosed is my resume that more fully details my background and work experience, and how they relate to your position. As per your requirement I have strong contacts in KP media professional working with them for the last three years. I firmly believe that I can be a valuable asset to your team. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this position and how my experience could help Media Matters for Democracy to achieve its goals.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

X,Y,Z (Name)

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