Olive Writer Summer Camp 2020 brings an amazing and fantastic opportunity for all youth. This is a six-day summer camp that focuses on a bilingual creative writing program. Moreover, candidates will get the chance to be involved in a variety of activities like cultural excursion, literary translation, and critical thinking workshops.

The summer camp’s mission is to enhance creative writing skills, polish them to be served as a mentor, providing an opportunity to access national as well as international young writers, and exploring the publishing world.

Olive writers assist participants to be global citizens by creating a safe space where young writers can meet each other and play an active role in social entrepreneurship.

This program is sponsored by both the US. Embassy Rabat and American Language Center – Casablanca.

Olives Writer summer program boosts confidence by providing students free writing time, networking with other participants, and by engaging in the community-building activities.

Plus, participants will get the opportunity to meet famous writers including Naïma Lahbil Tagemouati, Hoda Barakat, Ahmed Bouzfour, Fatena Al Ghorra, Raymond Foye, and Mohammed Benmiloud. ALC—Casablanca and International Writing Program are supporting Olive Writer Summer Camp and it is fully funded. All candidates will be granted a scholarship including room, board, and tuition fee throughout the program. 

It one of the best Summer Camps that is going to be placed in Casablanca,  25 young from 16-23years old writers will be chosen from across Morocco who hold the command in either English or Arabic. Bilingual creative writing sessions and workshops regarding literature, literary translation, and critical thinking will be taking place. Top writers and literary translators including Christine Aziz and Hodna Bengali will be leading this program.

Olive Writer Summer Camp 2020


Program Location

  • Casablanca, Morocco

Summer Program

  • Olive writers Summer Camp 


  • six-days summer camp


  • Fully Funded
  • Free Tuition fee.
  • Free room and board fee.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of the summer program are as under:

  • 16-23 years old.
  • Must be able to attend a six-day summer program.
  • Moroccon or International students across Morocco.
  • Passionate and emerging writers.
  • Languages Required: Arabic or English.

Application Procedure

  • Submit the application form online.
  • Email the required documents in a single MS word file with the same subject line and file name as Participant’s Full Name-Participant’s City-TOW 2020 Application on the email address, applications@olivewriters.org before June 2, 2020.

Documents required for the application are mentioned below;

  • A writing sample (1000 words)
  • Completed writing assignment (1-2 pages)
  • Statement of purpose (300)
  • Photo of yourself
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional)

Last Date to Apply

The last date to submit the application documents are before Monday JUNE 2, 2020 12:00 GMT +1.

The official website is as under: