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Hope all of you are enjoying weekend and browsing Internet to come across something interesting. I have something for you that you will definitely love to know about.

What else can be more interesting than spending your vacations foreign and keep learning?

I am going to share some fully funded paid international internships with you that are going to be held in different countries all around the world.

so let’s take started

1. Jive/Astron Summer Student Program 2019 in Netherlands              [Paid international internships]

Applications are invited for JIVE/Astron Summer Internship 2019 in Netherlands. The duration of  ASTRON/JIVE International Summer Student Programme will be 10-12 weeks. This internship will be at the institute in Dwingeloo in the Netherlands.

Astron/Jive Summer Student Program:

Host Organization:

  • The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) and the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE)

Duration of Internship:

  •  3 Months is the duration of this International Internship 2019 in Netherlands.

Internship Dates:

  • Early June 2019
Detail and Apply Now Here for Astern/Jive Internship

2. World Bank Internship Program 2019 in Washington DC

Hey fresh Graduates do you know about latest World Bank Internship Program 2019?

Applications are welcomed to apply for this paid international internship. So if you think you have the ability and you are one of the intelligent students so World Bank is looking for the same.

That can be you only if you are highly motivated to join and want to polish your skills with World Bank experts. This  is a great opportunity  that will help you in improving and exploring your hidden skills by working in a diverse environment.

World Bank Internship Program 2019 in a Glance:


  •  World Bank.


  •  Washington DC.

Job type:

  • Internee.


  •  No age limit.

Duration  of Internship:

  •  4 weeks.
Detail and Apply Now Here for world bank Intenship

3. Fully funded IEC Summer Internship in China 2019

Applications are welcomed to Apply for the IEC Summer Internship in China in 2019. It is a Fully Funded Internship in China & all the expenses will be covered by IEC Summer Internship in China in 2019.

This international internship program is for all students from English speaking Countries, all around the world. By attending this program you will gain practical teaching experience at the kindergartens in China.

IEC Summer Internship in China 2019 in a Glance:


  • China


  • All English native speakers


  • 1 semester(Spring or Fall semester)


  • Fully Funded
Detail and Apply Now Here for IEC summer Internship

4. Fully Funded CERN Short Term Internships in Switzerland 2019


Deadlines varies for Each Program

Applications are invited to Apply for the CERN Short Term Internships in Switzerland 2019. The duration of the CERN paid international Internship varies from 8 Weeks (minimum) & will be 12 Weeks Maximum.

This is a fully funded CERN Short Term Internships in Switzerland.  All cost of the participant will be covered. The total number of Internships is 1,560. So, must apply as chances of selection are more.

CERN Short Term Internships in a Glance:


  • Switzerland, Geneva


  • Minimum 8 Weeks


  • Fully Funded

Eligible Countries:

  • All Nationalities

If you are currently studying for a Bachelor or Master degree in Physics, Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics then Must Apply for the Summer internship in Switzerland

Detail and Apply Now Here for Cern Internship

5. Fully Funded NASA Internship 2019 in United States of America

Deadline: January 7, 2019

Hello Guys!
Do you want to apply for the NASA Internship 2019 in the USA.

If yes so there is a good news for you and that is applications are invited for paid international internship in USA.

The LPI Summer Internship Program in Planetary Science provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to perform cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research, learn from widely respected planetary scientists, and discover exciting careers in planetary science.

NASA Internship 2019 to United States in a Glance:


  • United States


  • 10 Week (June 3, 2019, to August 8, 2019.)


  • Fully Funded

No IELTS or TOEFL is required if you can get one letter from one of the professors in the English department at your university confirming that you have sufficient spoken and written English language skills. We also call this letter as English Proficiency Certificate.

Detail and Apply Now Here for NASA internship 2019

6. Fully Funded NIG Summer Internship in Japan 2019

Here is another paid international internship after Japan Summer Internship. If you have applied for the previous one so now you will have idea to apply for the internship.

So, let’s have a look at details that what is NIG Summer Internship in Japan 2019, eligibility criteria and internship period etc.

NIG Summer Internship in Japan in a Glance:


  •  Japan


  • Undergraduates & Master Students


  • June 20 – July 31, 2019


  • Fully Funded
Detail and Apply Now Here for NIG Summer Internship

7. Japan summer internship | The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready to apply for the Japan summer internship? Here i am going to share a great opportunity,so don’t miss to apply for this international summer internship.

If you find and difficulty in form filling or form submission so you can contact us at any time.

Let’s have a look all about summer internship in Japan and see what is it offering


  • Participants must be in their undergraduate program at an overseas college or university throughout the entire duration of UTSIP program, and will not have completed their BA/BS degree.
  • Participants are considering to matriculate graduate level study at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences or other graduate schools at The University of Tokyo, or elsewhere in Japan
  • Participants are required to participate in all activities including classes, laboratory work, and special events organized by UTSIP.
Detail and Apply Now Here

8. Google Cloud Business Internship in Japan 2019– International       internship

Google Cloud Business Internship 2019 in Japan is now accepting applications. It is a full time paid Google Internship. The duration of this international internship is  for 10-14 weeks.

The selected Interns will work  for google at Tokyo office between December 2018 and September 2019.

Google Cloud Business Internship in a Glance:

Locations of Internship:

  • Tokyo

Duration of Internship:

  • Google Internship in Japan will be held for 10-14 Weeks

Dates of Internship:

  •  December 2018 and September 2019
Detail and Apply Now Here for Google Internship Here

So this was what i wanted to share with you. Now share this opportunity with your loved ones and also apply for yourself as well.

Best thing about these fully funded  paid international internships is that you will both learn and spend some joyful moments abroad.