Applications are invited to apply for the Renmin University of China CSC Scholarship 2020. Students who are interested to continue their further studies for masters and Ph.D. so they are highly encouraged to avail this opportunity.

This Chinese University Program is the program that the Ministry of Education or Bureau of Education of different provinces, municipal cities, and some Chinese universities offer to international students to pursue graduate studies in China. Currently, 271 Chinese universities offer the “Chinese University Program” to international students.

Renmin University of China CSC Scholarship Details:


  • This program is offered to master and Ph.D. students.


  • The master’s program usually takes 2 to 3 years,
  • and 4 years for Ph.D. programs;

Also, Apply


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health condition

2. Age and Education Background

  • Master degree applicants must have a bachelor’s degrees and under 35.
  • Ph.D. degree applicants must have a master’s degree and under 40.

3. Generally, this scholarship is not available to those who already studied in China

Procedure to Apply:

1. The applicant can apply the Chinese University Program to the university directly

2. The applicant must also log on to China Scholarship Council to fill out the application and print the application form.

3. The applicant must submit all the required documents and send it to the university.

Note: China Scholarship Council (CSC) only takes the application through those universities that run the Chinese University Program. CSC doesn’t take the individual applications. The agency number of the Renmin University of China is 10002.

Required documents (2 copies):

1.The application form of the Chinese Government Scholarship (English or Chinese)

2. The notarized version of the highest diploma earned. If the applicant hasn’t earned the degree/diploma yet, the certificate of pre-graduation or other related documents must be submitted. Languages other than Chinese or English must be authenticated or notarized.

3. Trance of the highest degree earned. Languages other than Chinese or English must be authenticated or notarized.

4. Study plan or research proposal (no less than 800 words, in Chinese or English).

5. Two recommendation letters from associate professors or professors, in Chinese or English.

6. An applicant who applies for music majors must submit the musical works. Art major applicants must submit two scratches, two-color paintings, and other arts in CD format.

7.The Physical Examination Report.

8. Please submit all the above documents to designated universities. All the documents are not returned to the applicants once submitted.

Admission and Notice

  1. Chinese universities must review all the documents and decide the admission list.
  2. Once applicants were admitted, CSC will review the admission list. Applicants then get the scholarship.
  3. Every applicant can only take one offer from a Chinese university. Should the applicant get more than one offer, CSC will only grant one to the applicant.
  4. CSC will send out the admission letter and JW201 form to the related Chinese universities, universities should send those documents to the applicants.
  5. Applicants cannot change the university or major once registered with related universities.
  6. If the applicant cannot register on time, the scholarship will be canceled.

How and when to apply?

All applicants can apply directly to Chinese universities. You must submit the scholarship application form as well as other required documents to the university. The application starts in October and ends in March.

Mailing Address:

International Students Office

Renmin University of China

Room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center

No. 59 Zhongguancun St.

Haidian District

Beijing, 100872

People`s Republic of China