European studies and governance in the Czech Republic have created an amazing opportunity for students from all over the world to enjoy their summer to their best.

The applicants by availing this opportunity can study in the heart of Europe. They can study “Quality of Life” or “Life is Chemistry” while meeting new friends and making summer 2020 one remember.

University students from all over the world who are perusing their Bachelor’s degree could get this opportunity of summer school 2020 in Czech Republic. The duration of the study is one month from 9th July 2020 to 8th August 2020.

About 30 accommodation scholarships are available at the University of Pardubice. Plus, the study will be divided between three main topics i.e. Chemistry, Chemical technology, and material science.  

Summer School 2020 In Czech Republic:


Host country:

  •   Czech Republic ( a country in Central Europe)


  • University of  Pardubice

Duration of the study:

  • 30 days (1 month) from 9th July -8th August 2020

A number of scholarship:

  • 30 accommodation scholarships are available


  • On-campus housing in the University dormitory

Cost of study:

  •  €100 (registration fee)

Schedule Of Summer School 2020:

The daily routine of summer school 2020 is as under:

  1. breakfast
  2. 2 – 2.5 hour study period
  3. Lunchtime
  4. group activities such as field trips, sports, games, etc
  5. dinner
  6. free time

Additionally, there will be weekend field trips to Karlštejn castle and the Czech mountains.

Quality Of Life and Life Is Chemistry In Summer School 2020:


The study will introduce objective and subjective factors of quality of life from the perspective of public administration, transportation, and health studies. This can help the students to better understand the public administration, transportation, and health-related studies.

The study will be divided between these main topics:

  • chemistry
  • chemical technology
  •  Material science

Criteria For Summer Schools 2020:

All the students around the globe could apply for this marvelous opportunity by fulfilling the basic requirements i.e. registration fee and applicants must be enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree level.

Last Date:

  • 31st March 2020

Application Procedure