SOME SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW SKILLS (Tips to Improve Interview Performance)

For any job the employer needs to satisfy himself about the applicant that whether he is suitable for that position or not. For this purpose, almost everybody conducts interviews from the applicant to select the best one for that post.

Interview is an art and one must be fully prepared for it. He should be comfortable and confident in discussing his skills and abilities and should be able to prove why he is perfect for the post.
There are some tips which benefit an individual to give the best interview.

Tips to Improve Interview Performance

Let’s have a look at each individually


Before interview thoroughly search about that organization, this will help you to answer many questions.
What is the vision of that organization, the mission and the values of the organization in which you are going to apply?
Try your best to know the complete history of the company.
You should know the products and the services provided by the company.
Simply, gather as much information as you can.


To prepare yourself for an interview it needs a lot of practice. It is not something like for which you prepare yourself 10 or 15 minutes before, it needs a complete study of every possible aspect, and you have to decide the best possible answer for every question.
Your confidence matters a lot; one should be confident enough to face all the employers of the company who takes your interview and patiently answer all the questions.


Make your CV or resume in which you should enlist all your skills, abilities and achievements
It is the personal document which is used by the applicant to sell him to the prospective employers.
This brief account of your educational, qualification and professional background will help you in not explaining your skills and education verbally.
Make your resume best, it gives a very good impression.
It is the way to communicate your skills to the employers.


You should be on time or around 15 minutes before the time of interview. It gives your good impression.
Very rare excuses for late coming are acceptable. Late arrival for the interview indicates that you are little interested in that job or you are less responsible.
The lack of punctuality shows disrespect towards the organization.



Even your dressing is also important for an interview.
A causal and simple dressing is more preferable. Dress in that manner which is appropriate for the type of job you are applying.
Your outfit should be comfortable and easy, and it should be neat, clean and well pressed.
Have your portfolio in your hands.


Your confidence matters a lot. You are willingly promoting yourself, expressing your skills and achievements in front of the employers but make sure you should not become arrogant.
You should focus on why you are the perfect one for the job, but if you become overconfident it will decrease your mark, no matter how good you are at the job, it leaves your bad image on the employers.
Even a pinch of arrogance can spoil your whole “WOW” interview; just your confidence is counted not overconfidence.


One should use a professional language during an interview.
Use the most powerful words during an interview which convey an impression of you.
Do not use the difficult tone in his interview, always use the simple wording.
Think well before you speak. Before answering any question of the employer, it is better to think well about that than rushed up for the answer.

8. LISTEN to the Interviewer Carefully

interview skills and tips

Either directly or indirectly the interviewer will give you information about their organization, the job for which you have applied, so you have to listen to it very carefully. If you are not paying attention, it will indicate that you are not interested in this opportunity.
One should have the good communication skills including listening and observe the interviewer’s style, pace and hear him carefully; this will benefit you a lot in having that opportunity.


Prepare all that questions for yourself which can e asked from you during an interview. You should be prepared for everything every type of question from the hiring manager. Prepare your answers for all these questions so you will not be confused from these questions asked during an interview.


Before having an interview prepare yourself very well for it.
One should practice again and again every possible aspect of the interview. Practice makes a man perfect so your practice for the interview will help you to give your best.
Another way is to tape record your voice while practicing and then hear it again and again; this may also help you in practice.


While explaining your skills and abilities to the hiring manager, you should remain on the positive side. Don’t say anything that gives your negative impression on the employers.
Your positivity will attract the employers toward you, and there will be more chances for you to be selected for that particular job.


interview tips

Just like a wonderful start, you should have to close your presentation in a very organized and confident manner. You don’t have to lose your confident from the very beginning till the end.
And at last, don’t underestimate the power of saying “THANK YOU.” It has a very positive impression of you.