Applications are now open for the UNICEF Free Online Courses along with free certificates. UNICEF free online courses are open to everyone and anyone can apply for it from around the Globe. UNICEF is known to everyone and probably to each country.

UNICEF is the World’s Largest International Organization. It is one of the best and the largest opportunity to get certificate of an online course. UNICEF Free Online Courses are totally free of cost. And it requires no registration fee.

UNICEF is a Non Profit Organization and was established in 1946 by the UN (United Nations) General Assembly The main motto to work for the protection of children’s rights. To ensure they are getting their needs. UNICEF also provides services in the Health of Medical, Health, Nutrition, Education, Basic, and Sanitization & Women Development in developing areas.

There are more than 120 plus online courses that are available in almost all academic fields and disciplines. UNICEF works in more than 190 Countries. Further details are as under.

UNICEF Free Online Courses with Certificates


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Learning Mode

  • Online courses

No. of Courses

  • 120 plus


  • No Deadline

Available Courses

The available courses are as under:

  1. Communication (10)
  2. Working with people (9)
  3. Drive for results (17)
  4. Deciding and initiating action (5)
  5. Relating and networking (3)
  6. Persuading and Influencing (4)
  7. Applying technical expertise (23)
  8. Analyzing (6)
  9. Learning and researching (21)
  10. Creating and innovating (3)
  11. Formulating Strategies and Concepts (6)
  12. Planning and Organizing (7)
  13. Following Instructions and Procedures (10)
  14. Adapting and responding to change (4)
  15. Coping with pressure and setbacks (4)
  16. Entrepreneurial thinking (1)
  17. Diversity and Inclusion (8)
  18. Integrity (6)
  19. Commitment (6)

Benefits of UNICEF Free Online Courses

  • Access to more than 120 courses free of charge.
  • The Course is available in many Languages and can join in any Language Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.
  • UNICEF is not charging any fee from you and asks you to do these courses and take certificate and boost your Resumes.
  • All UNICEF courses available on Agora are free of charge. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to access your certificate, free of charge.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone across the world can apply with any Nationality and any academic Background.
  • No Age Restriction
  • No Specific Academic Requirement
  • No Documents required.

How to Apply?

  • The Application Process is completely online.
  • Sign in, if you are a UNICEF STAFF MEMBER then simply choose Agora Login Button and if not so simply login as “GUEST LOGIN”
  • OR Visit Official Website By Clicking the Button Below: