An amazing opportunity for the students to study abroad on Scholarship.UST Scholarships in South Korea 2020 is offering the masters and Ph.D. degree programs for the Korean students living overseas and international students. UST (University of Science and Technology) is listed as one of the top 10 Universities in the world.

It is more interesting to note that currently, the University of Science and Technology will offer 300 plus Paid Scholarships for Post-graduate degrees (masters, Ph.D., and masters leading to Ph.D.) in Science and Engineering for spring 2020.

UST is one of the top government-funded Universities that is creating future values and benefits provided with Government-Funded research institutes. The aim of UST is to provide help to the students to engage in self-directed learning by identifying and solving problems themselves on-site while conducting research rather than asking them to passively receive theory-centered education delivered in a traditional fashion.

UST looks forward to receiving applications from the most ambitious and creative up-and-coming scientists to pursue their dreams in a program built upon UST’s educational philosophy.  The deadline to submit the application form is 18th March 2020.

UST Scholarships 2020 in South Korea


Host country

  • South Korea

Host University

  • UST (University of Science & Technology)

Degree level

  • Masters or MPhil
  •  PhD
  •   MS Leading to PhD

Financial Benefits

UST Scholarships 2020 will cover the expenses below:

  1. Stipends: All students are provided with stipends so that they can focus on their studies and research.
  2. Doctoral Programs: minimum of KRW 1,600,000 per month 
  3. Master’s Programs: minimum of KRW 1,200,000 per month
  4. Entrance Fee and Tuition:  KRW 2,500,000 per semester

         Note: The amounts of fee may vary.

  •  Student Support 
  • Newcomers Odyssey
  • Student Employment Contract
  • Korean Language Courses
  • Student Counseling
  • Research Support:
  • Overseas Training Program
  • International Exchange Program
  • Young Scientist Research Program
  • Research Paper Award

Admission Type

  • For Foreigners: Foreign nationals whose parents are foreign nationals i.e. International Students
  • For Koreans Living Overseas: Korean nationals residing abroad or foreign nationals whose parents are overseas Koreans and completed all of their elementary, middles, and high school and college courses outside of Korea

Eligibility Criteria for UST Scholarships 2020

  • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or who are expected to receive one by August 2020.
  • Those acknowledged as having qualifications equivalent to or greater than those required to obtain a bachelor’s degree under the relevant laws and regulations (for masters program)
  • Applicants with a master’s degree or who are expected to receive one by August 2020.
  • Those acknowledged as having qualifications equivalent to or greater than those required to obtain a master’s degree under the relevant laws and regulations(for a doctoral program)

Documents Required to Apply for Korean Scholarships 2020

The applicants must hold the following documents while applying for UST Scholarship 2020.

  • Proposal for Study
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate of Expected Graduation
  • Transcript of Bachelor’s Program
  • Master’s Degree or Certificate of Expected Graduation
  • Transcript of the Master’s Program.
  • Master’s Degree Thesis
  • Official English Test Score
  • Recommendation Letter -Two Methods. Upload Online or Submit via Post

How to Apply for UST Scholarships 2020

The applicants could apply by following the steps below:

 Create an account and consent to the provision of personal information. Fill out the basic survey.

Step 1: Enter basic application information

  • Prospective information, such as desired campus, major, and degree program
  • Historical information, such as a university or graduate school from which you received your degree, educational transcript, standardized English test score, and pictures.

Step 2: Personal medical check (self-assessment)

Step 3: Write a statement of Proposal for Study

Step 4: Upload required documents

Step 5: Confirm application information, pay the application fee, and complete the application

Admission Timeline

UST Scholarships 2020 in South Korea

Last Date to Apply for UST Scholarships 2020 

The last date to apply for UST Scholarships 2020 is 18th March 2020(17:00 GMT+9)

Application Procedure

You can apply by clicking the button below: