So, you are stuck and can’t decide or make a schedule to study. You might be someone who wants to study during the night when everyone else is asleep or you want to study during the day. Let’s have a look at what does science say regarding it.

According to science, the cycle of alertness and focus are governed by circadian rhythm. Now those who are interested in the topic would like to know about circadian rhythm so let me define it briefly here.

Circadian Rythem:

Circadian rhythm is basically an internal clock, that is running in your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. You can call it like a sleep/wake cycle.

You might have listened to your friends saying that i can’t keep awake after 11:00 PM daily. You might have noticed about yourself too that you daily at some interval of time feel very active and on the other hand at some exact times you feel like I should quit everything and just go to sleep. So this all is controlled by circadian rhythm.

It doesn’t only control sleep/awake but also when we are tired, hungry, have to study and work.

As I am talking about something else so I won’t talk much about it and if you want to know more about it so I would recommend you to visit this website for more and I will mention all the references at the end too.

Coming back to the topic

Which time is best to study? Day or Night

I am always told by my elders that you should study in the morning time but for me, it’s not possible all around the year to study early morning.

To follow what they have said mostly in winters I sleep so early like 9 PM or 10 PM and promise myself that I will wake till 2 AM and study my course books. But then sleep dominates all the time and I wake up at 10 AM instead of 2 AM.

Now today while I am writing this article I have thought in my mind that neither I will sleep so early nor promise myself to wake up early because I never keep the promise that I do with me.

Whatever I will write here today, in the end, I will mention that what I am going to follow because this time I have researched and now writing it for all. I can understand that it’s not only me who is worried about what to do.

Benefits of studying During Day Time:

Students who study during the day have more energy and the lessons they will learn will remain in their mind for a longer time and they won’t forget what they have learned so easily.

It is said that during the day and early morning brain is able to focus better as compared to night time.

Students are refreshed and active after they wake up in the morning and this activeness makes learning chances brighter and effective.

Also, the natural light keeps you more active and it never lets you fall asleep easily and it’s also good for eyes.

Also, during the day you can group study with friends, and go to the library if needed. You can’t avail of these two if you will choose to study during the night.

And also, the last and main point is you will be able to sleep on time during the night which is very important.

What if I am a night owl?

No need to worry if you are a night owl because I am too. The main reason for my being night owl is that I love silence, peace and no disturbance at all.

This is what I love but let’s have a look at what the researchers say about night owls.

I came across so many points that were favoring night owl but the one liked the most I would share first that says

You have fewer activities to do during the night as compared to day time.

and yes like after dinner and then Isha Prayer if you start studying so till morning no disturbance at all except sleep.

and if you feel sleepy then you should study during the day because you aren’t meant for studying at night time. For me, this is the best thing ever if for so long no one disturbs me and I am free to do what I want. So, I don’t think so we should waste this opportunity and sleep. (I would not recommend you to awake so late, its not good for health)

It is said that

early to sleep, early to rise keeps you healthy wealthy and wise

Somewhere I read it and won’t hesitate to agree that sleeping does affect health but it has nothing to do with wealth and wisdom. If you disagree with it so you can make me agree on your point by sharing what you think in the comments and feedback.

working at night doesn’t work for everyone like most people of age 30+ would make it possible to wake up early and work on some projects. Most of the students prefer to study at night and most of their parents are day larks so all the time will have to listen to lectures on how beneficial is studying early morning.

Night owls do not have exam stress:

A British study shows that those who sleep late at don’t have exam stress as compared to those who are day larks. They have found that those who rise early have higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Thank God i am a night owl.

I think after this point we should get serious that says

After each hour of sleep deprivation your brain losses efficiency:

According to a study by Texas A&M Medical College, each hour you stay up at night it results in a decrease in performance for specific learning and memory tasks. Because each hour you stay up both you and your mind get tired and keeping a few exceptional cases aside it has been proven that our mind works best during the day, especially, early in the morning.