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WHO Internship Program 2021 | Paid Internships

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Start your professional career at an international company. A diverse and knowledgeable incentive is the 2021 WHO Internship Program. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will be part of a diverse health system that is important for global development and knowledgeable health goals.

WHO provides a paid internship that not only gives you the opportunity to collaborate with a pool of health professionals, but also to obtain international training. The systems of the international health arena will move through all interns.

WHO works on public health priorities and is committed to creating a sustainable health environment across all its future objectives. While gaining experience and expertise, many graduates and postgraduate students gain insight into WHO’s administrative and technical programs.

For your career growth, immerse yourself in a diverse and multi-cultural labor force. WHO offers a diverse workforce for all interns and enables them to engage in research projects and to assist their mentors.

WHO Internship Program 2021:

  • Nation of the Host: The member countries of the WHO
  • Organization of Host: The WHO (Regional offices, Country offices, or Headquarters)

Work Areas:

  • Public Health
  • Medical,
  • Social field related to WHO

Benefits of the WHO Internship 2021:

  • Interns will be able to enhance their educational experience.
  • No registration fee.
  • Interns will get stipend if applicable
  • Internships will be paid
  • Interns will have access to free online course by WHO

WHO Internship Program 2021 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must be from member countries of the WHO.
  • An applicant must be 20 or more years of age.
  • In either an undergraduate or graduate program, an applicant must be a full-time student.
  • A new graduate may also apply.
  • An applicant must be a full-time student at a university for at least 3 years.
  • An applicant must have a 1st degree in either medical, social, public health, or a WHO professional job.
  • An applicant is not eligible if a WHO staff member is his parent, mother, or sibling.
  • In one of the working languages, an applicant has to be fluent.
  • An applicant must not be part of any prior internship with the WHO.
  • An applicant must have a passport that is valid.

How to apply for a 2021 internship with the World Health Organization?

A applicant is recommended on the official website to search for WHO internship opportunities (United Nations Internships).
After selecting the vacancy, after signing up for the WHO account, he or she can apply.
Now, in the interesting field of internship, all interested candidates can apply.
Internships are reduced because of COVID, but can restart depending on the potential pandemic situation.


  • All Internship dates very, you may check for dates according to the vacancy available

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