About Us

Something About me and Students Papa: Hello everyone! You are warmly welcomed here in studentspapa.com I am Nayab Qureshi, Founder of studentspapa.com and a student like you.

Let me start by telling you that Studentspapa is an online educational platform which is made to keep you updated from all new opportunities as they are announced.

Whether it is an internship, scholarship, exchange program or you need guidance about anything related to education we are providing you all of them in one place in an organized way. There is something for everybody here, if you are a graduate and looking for a job so the latest and most demanding jobs are published as they are declared. What is the concept behind the name StudentsPapa.

People Usually ask me, What is the concept behind the name StudentsPapa. So i decided to answer them all here.

Our combined thought behind the name is to guide a student like a parent, as parents take care of their child from his schooling till his settlement in spending a good life in the same way we have taken an initiative to guide the youth of our country about all the latest opportunities so that they can achieve their goals in life. I was doing research and came to know that hundreds of foreign Scholarships remains unclaimed, The reason behind this? Obviously its Unawareness! We are now here to spread awareness through the positive use of social media where you people will help us to make our vision successful.

Whenever you come to know about an opportunity just share it with your siblings, friends, relative and all for whom you care about.

This was all from me. Feel free to contact us in case of any query!

Thanks! Have a successful and peaceful life.